Welcome to Brenda´s Birds

Brenda´s Birds is a family owned and operated bird shop and aviary. For the most beautiful exotic birds, why not shop where satisfied people do?

Our store is one of the most popular places in the area for hand tamed and trained birds of all types.  Our delightful birds can bring you years of enjoyment through their beauty and cheerful chirping, singing and talking.

Our friendly staff at Brenda´s Birds has complete knowledge of exotic and other species of birds and are always ready to assist you in your every need, whether you´re thinking of buying a bird or already own one.  

Even if you are just curious about exotic birds we are always happy to see you.  We have hundreds of healthy, colorful tropical and hand fed birds available at the most competitive prices

Through careful research, Brenda´s Birds has established a reputation for carrying the birds and supplies that are most popular and in greatest demand.  You´ll find many parrots, Conures, Macaws, Cockatoos,  Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Parakeets, African Greys, Lorkeets, and many other species.  In addition we stock rare Finches and Softbills.

Brenda´s Birds is a must see for everyone, not just the average bird lover.  Cages in all sizes and styles; feed and seed, hand mixed fresh weekly; toys, hand made safe; and everything else you can imagine necessary for a happy, healthy bird is right here in one convenient location.  Brenda´s Birds only sells fresh bagged food.  We bag our own fresh food every week.  If you would like to choose your own mixture this is also available.  

Come on in!

We encourage browsing in our one of a kind store.  We want you to come in, take your time and look around at your leisure at all we have to offer in services and products.  Complete information on how to keep your birds and its cage in the best condition is always available from our highly experienced staff.

At Brenda´s Birds you will be pleased with our large selection and helpful assistance.

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