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Bird Food, Toys, Cages & More

At Brenda’s Birds, we sell everything you could need to care for your feathered friends. From food and toys to cages and health products, we have you covered!

Bird Food

Birds benefit from a diverse diet consisting of seeds, millet, fruit, and more. 


Birds are energetic creatures that love to play. Full your bird’s home with toys to climb up, swing on, and chew up. They also love things that make noise.


No bird’s home is complete without the perfect perch to stand – or hang – on.


From finches to macaws, we stock cages for birds of all sizes.

We Also Sell…

  • Breeding Supplies
  • Bird Healthcare Supplies
  • Grooming Supplies
  • Custom Avaries
  • and More!

Come shop at our Delray Beach store front to shop for all of your bird care supplies. We stock anything and everything you could need to care for your birds.

We even have the largest selection of live birds at our store!