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Bird Grooming Services

While birds preen themselves naturally, a professional bird grooming service can provide a more thorough cleaning, including wing clipping, nail trimming, and a gentle bath. This not only keeps your feathered friend looking their best, but also promotes good hygiene and helps identify any potential health concerns.

With over 20 years of experience you can trust our qualified staff to groom your birds with care.

Wings ————–$6.00
Nails —————-$6.00
Beak —————-$6.00


Can my bird take a bath?

Yes. Most birds love to bathe. Some prefer a big bowl, some prefer the sink, or the shower. Be very careful not to expose the bird to a draft after it has taken a bath; you would not want it to get sick. Never add any chemicals to the water that are not made for the birds, i.e.: shampoo, etc.

Do I need to get the bird groomed?

Yes. The nails should be filed, or trimmed regularly. If you have a pumice or sandy perch in the cage, it helps to keep the nails filed down. As far as the wings are concerned it varies. Canaries and finches for instance rarely ever get their wings trimmed. Sometimes breeding birds are purposefully not trimmed, but majority of the time “pet” birds are trimmed. This helps prevent accidents in the home, or the bird from taking flight outdoors and possibly getting away. We have heard thousands of stories from pet owners who were convinced that their 10 year old pet would never have flown away but actually did, never to return. Some birds cannot survive this for several reasons, lack of exercise, and they have never been in the wild before and do not always have the necessary survival instincts. Trimming is an option, if you do choose not to, you need to make sure to properly flight train your bird. This is helpful in the event your beloved bird does get loose, flight training may help you get the bird back safely.