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Bird Boarding Services

We currently have room to board several birds at our impeccably clean location. While your pet is visiting us you can be assured that your bird will be kept well fed, clean, and happy while you are away. You can feel comfort in knowing that we will care for your bird as if it were our own. If your bird has special dietary requirements, please let us know. Note: We cannot be responsible for anything that happens if the bird/birds have not been recently & fully vet-checked prior to boarding. If in the event something does happen we would take the bird to a vet at the bird’s owner’s expense. If an incident was due to our negligence, we, at our discretion, then can be responsible for the bird in a fair manner. We are not responsible for fire, theft, or acts of nature. We are not responsible for a pre-existing condition, poor health, old age, or incorrect instructions that result in illness or death.

Boarding Prices:

  • Small Bird: $6.00 per day
  • Medium Bird: $8.00 per day
  • Large Bird: $11.00 per day
  • X-Large Bird $15.00 per day

* multi birds in one cage extra fee
* larger than our provided cage extra fee
*There will be a $15.00 per day charge for hand feeding birds or birds with special requirements. The prices above are per bird and there will be no exceptions.

Hurricane Season or other Natural Disasters here we go…

We want to make sure our customers and feathered friends are protected. Please download the document below for recommended protocols.