Parrot Piñata

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Parrot Piñata



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* Parrot Piñata bird toy with colorful tassels is great for preening and soothes feather pluckers

* Your bird will enjoy countless hours of shredding fun

* Variety of sizes for small to large birds

Parrot Piñata bird toy stimulates ALL your bird's senses and soothes feather pluckers. Woven bird toy is made from biodegradable materials found in her native habitat.
- assorted wicker, woven palm leaf, abaca fiber, and more.
Specially selected for smell, taste, sound, and texture; she'll chew, shred, and peck for hours.
Hanging loop included or use a Quick Link for a more secure hanger. Size Length Suggested For Mini 6" Parakeet or smaller Small 8" Parakeet or smaller Medium 9-1/2" Parakeet to Conure Large 14" Conure to Amazon XLarge 17" Amazon to Macaw
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