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Cockatoo Umbrella


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Umbrella cockatoos - size approx 18 to 24 inches   life expectancy 40- 60+ years 

Umbrella cockatoos are popular for doing tricks, make them wonderfully entertaining companions for bird lovers.   They are a sweet natured species and can be very affectionate. These affectionate birds love to cuddle with their person, bird, or even object of choice.  They need proper training from very young age to assist in avoiding behavior issues later in life.  They can be vocal and loud birds, they are not neciesarily an apartment bird.Umbrellas are very social and intelligent. They are capable of learning and performing a wide variety of tricks.  We recommend  educating yourself about these birds.  They require a large cage and an outside perch stand to hang out on. They need a healthy diet of veggies, chop, fruit, sprouts, pellets and seeds.  

Umbrella cockatoos are native to the tropics of Indonesia. These birds originally hail from the Maluku Islands in the central and northern parts of the archipelago. They are now commonly found throughout all Indonesia..  

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