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Cockatoo Mumbrella



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Mumbrella cockatoos are half Moluccan and half Umbrella cockatoo.  They have a very sweet gentle dispostion, they are super loving and you get the best of both worlds!! The Mumbrella cockatoo certainly makes a charming, affectionate pet, but it’s not for everyone. You must do research on these birds, they are wonderful companions with proper training and boundaries learned. 

The noise level of this bird can be extremely high. They can be prone to bouts of loud screaming, especially if it is isolated, locked in a cage, or doesn’t get its way. This is not an 'apartment ' bird. 


Description:  Cockatoos are very affectionate and playful. These birds can be a great pet for an entire family if proper handling and training is done. These conures are very active and need the room in a cage to accommodate their activities. They love to swing, play upside down and love to climb around. They eat a variety of seeds, pellets, fruits and vegtables. They also need protein so don't be afraid to give them eggs, chicken or beef but remove it from their cage after an hour.


Health of Bird:

It is our Desire to sell only healthy birds. You are encouraged to take the bird to an Avian (Bird) vet within 2 days from date of sale (obviously if you are purchasing a hand-feeding bird we are asking you to take the bird purchased to the vet once you pick it up from the store). Should the vet find any serious health problems and you bring documentation, we will issue you store credit or exchange the bird or pay for medication at our discretion. We cannot exchange or give credit for the following reasons: Change of mind, jealousy (by other pets), allergies (we do sympathize) or lack of allowance of adjustment time fot the bird to its new surroundings. When bird is purchased you will recieve a care sheet explaing the proper acclimation times, the variety of foods, fruits and vegtables to feed your baby. As always our Staff is always a phone call, e-mail or message away for all of your questions and or concerns.

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