Meyers Parrot

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Meyers Parrot



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Meyer's parrots are small, stocky birds that are closely related to the Senegal parrot. They are known for being calm and quiet birds so they often make great pets for people in apartments or other small spaces.  These are cute snuggly little guys, they are super smart, can be very social and delightful birds. They can talk and mimic, although it is not the most prolific talkers of the parrots. It has an affectionate, fun-loving disposition; it’s comical antics are entertaining and playful. Average life 20-25 year 8-9 inches in size. Meyer's parrots are usually gentle and not considered to be big biters. They are often happy to play with or shred a toy while watching what's going on around them.  Our babies are well socialized and weaned to a diet of pellets,  chop and seed.

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