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It is recommended you do not house a Love Bird alone. Indicative of their name, they regard each other with deep fondness and affection. They show an especially intense urge for bonding. It is a characteristic deeply embedded in them. They will even bond to their same sex.
Sizes range from 4", as in the Fischer''s, to 7", as in the Peachfaced. Weights generally range from 50-60 grams and females tend to be larger than the males, and for the most part, more aggressive as well.
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Customers are advised that Birds are purchased "AS IS" condition. We cannot be held liable for any bird disease or condition. However, we will never knowingly sell a bird in a poor health condition. We recommend that you take your new bird to an avian veterinarian within 48hours of purchase (or 48 hours of receiving your bird). If the examination reveals a pre-existing condition in the bird, we will consider at our discretion, refunding the purchase price. A copy of the veterinary record will be required, and all medical bills incurred will be your responsibility.

Purchasing your bird from our website you agree to these terms and conditions. If you are purchasing a handfed baby and you are awaiting the arrival we appreciate all of your patience. We can NOT give you an exact date of arrival due to this being a LIVE BIRD. We do not rush the weaning process and ask that you do call into the store to check on your babies as we also will make it an effort to update you on your purchase.

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