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Congo African Grey



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African Grey Congo (Psittacus Erithacus)
Buying a Bird from Brenda's Birds will leave you with the best experience. We hand-raise our babies between the 4 Avian Specialists right here at the store. We take pride in our work, we socialize and give the birds a lot of out of cage play time. If you are to purchase a baby that is not weaned yet we promise to keep you updated on the status of your new Family Member.
Description: The typical weight on an African Grey Parrot is 400g, with a length around 13in and the Wingspan of 18-20in. These birds are a dark grey (sometimes a lighter grey) with an amazing bright red tail, while the head and body feathers have a white color to them. Both sexes appear similar and can only be told Gender through a DNA test, which Brenda's Birds does do for an additional fee. In Captivity the African Grey Parrots can life 40-60years.
Most of their diet consists of seeds, nuts and fruits. In Captivity these African Grey Parrots can eat bird pellets and a large variety of fresh fruits. They need a good source of Calcium.
The African Grey Parrots are known for mimicking noises, ability to talk and mimic the human speech. These birds are one of the most popular avian pets. They make a great companion parrot. Did you know they can have the vocabulary of a 4-6year old child in some tasks?
Health of Bird:
It is our Desire to sell only healthy birds. You are encouraged to take the bird to an Avian (Bird) vet within 2 days from date of sale (obviously if you are purchasing a hand-feeding bird we are asking you to take the bird purchased to the vet once you pick it up from the store). Should the vet find any serious health problems and you bring documentation, we will issue you store credit or exchange the bird.
We cannot exchange or give credit for the following reasons: Change of mind, jealousy (by other pets), allergies (we do sympathize) or lack of allowance of adjustment time fot the bird to its new surroundings. When bird is purchased you will recieve a care sheet explaing the proper acclimation times, the variety of foods, fruits and vegtables to feed your baby. As always our Staff is always a phone call, e-mail or message away for all of your questions and or concerns.
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2 Babies that are currently hand-feeding and will not be weaned until late Feb or March. Deposits are accepted on babies if you call the store for more information.

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