Conure Blue Throat

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Conure Blue Throat



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The Blue Throated Conure is a great apartment bird because they are relatively quiet. The Blue Thoated Conure is highly intelligent and very inquisitive. While they can pick up a few words and phrases and repeat them back in their squeaky little voices, they are great atlearning tricks and are entertaining with chattering and funny playing! They are also very affectionate and makes a great family pet.   
The Blue-Throated Conure is highly sought, but rarely seen, as a pet because they are on the CITES list, making them a protected and they can only be offered to Florida residents (since  Brenda's Birds is in Florida-they are not permitted to go across state lines for commercial business unless one has special permit.)


Our babies are handfed and weaned to a diet of chop, pellets, nuts and seed.  They are well socialed and tame. 

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